North Carolina Fiduciary Mediation Services

North Carolina Fiduciary Mediation Services, a Division of Hickmon & Perrin, P.C., focuses on providing mediation services for trust, estate and fiduciary disputes.

Legal disputes among family members following the death of a loved one are both challenging and emotional, particularly if family members do not interact well under the best of circumstances.  The Certified Superior Court Mediators of Hickmon & Perrin have substantial experience in litigating and resolving fiduciary disputes.  Our mediation services provide an alternative to expensive and lengthy litigation involving estates, trusts, guardianships and other fiduciary matters in an environment designed to help resolve disagreements among heirs, beneficiaries, trustees, executors, guardians, and other fiduciaries.

North Carolina Fiduciary Mediation Services provides mediation services for disputes involving:

  • Executors & Personal Representatives
  • Trustees
  • Heirs & Beneficiaries
  • Corporate and Individual Fiduciaries
  • Guardians and Wards

Common Trust and Estate Disputes

  • Elective Share Proceedings
  • Will Caveat Proceedings
  • Disputes between a fiduciary, such as an executor or trustee, and the heirs of an estate or beneficiaries of a trust
  • Disputes related to succession planning for family-owned businesses
  • Disagreements between trustees and beneficiaries regarding investments and distributions

Benefits of Fiduciary Mediation

  • The avoidance of costly legal battles.
  • The maintenance and possible restoration of long-term relationships.
  • Mediation conferences can be scheduled at your convenience.
  • A neutral environment facilitated by an experienced attorney certified as a Superior Court Mediator by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission.
  • Parties have the chance to express their needs and concerns.
  • Achieve a mutually agreeable outcome rather than court imposed judgment.
  • Preserves assets (personal, estate, and trust).

Contact Information & Areas Served

North Carolina Fiduciary Mediation Services is based in Charlotte, North Carolina and provides fiduciary mediation services throughout North Carolina.  Please contact Jim Hickmon or Christian Perrin to learn more about North Carolina Fiduciary Mediation Services.